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Welcome to Jamma Jango!

Welcome to Jamma Jango!




Thanks for checking out my Jamma Jango blog! 

My name is Julia and I’m a mom of two sweet little kids.  I was born in Taiwan but raised in the U.S.  So, I grew up speaking both Mandarin Chinese and English (although my English is much better than my Chinese). 

Now that I have children, I think it’s really important they learn to speak both languages too.  Living in an English-speaking country, I haven’t had much difficulty teaching them English.  However, I ran into many challenges finding the right resources to teach them Chinese.

As a result, I’ve decided to create my own language program called Jamma Jango to help kids learn a second language--which I will write about here.  For those of you looking to raise your children to be bilingual, I hope you can relate.  Teaching kids a foreign language can be challenging but also quite fun! 

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