Jamma Jango


Here at Jamma Jango, we fully believe that learning should be enjoyable!

I want my kids to learn a second language — but my kids aren’t always thrilled about it.

Do you want your child to learn a second language? But you can’t find a language program that your kid actually enjoys?

Jamma Jango is a language learning program that makes it easier for kids to get enthusiastic about learning because the program is fun and interesting!

As we’ve studied languages for kids, we’ve also realized that parental involvement can be beneficial for children.

I believe in being actively involved in my children’s education. Like most parents, I’m always thinking about ways to help my children learn and grow as happy and well-rounded individuals.

Because of this, Jamma Jango encourages parents to educate and learn a second language alongside their children. Whether you’re interested in Spanish homeschool, Chinese homeschool, or simply want your children to learn another language when they’re away from school, our language learning program is just right.

Jamma Jango is simply a better way to learn a new language.

We offer simple and entertaining products, such as cartoon videos, learning resources, and fun activities to teach kids a second language. From games to learn Chinese to interactive elementary Spanish, Jamma Jango offers all you could need in our superior language learning programs.

Join us on our language education journey! We care about how our children learn, and we see Jamma Jango making a difference in languages for kids.

 - Julia, Mom of two and founder of Jamma Jango



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