Jamma Jango


"I purchased this to encourage my toddler to learn a second language. My son loves the cartoon and is already repeating the words! The cards and games included are high quality, simple and beautiful. It gives me a min to cook dinner or fold cloth while he’s engaged in the video. After the video, I play the games included with him. He loves having mommy play with him and I feel super accomplished to be able to teach my son Spanish. This is a box of wonder! This is definitely my go to birthday present for every kid I know!"



"I’ve been looking for a good way to teach my boys Spanish (5 and 3) and I’m so happy I finally found something they like to watch! The box I ordered came with a DVD, flashcards and games. My boys love the cartoon and they’re already repeating the Spanish words! I’ve tried other Spanish language DVDs and books but my struggle is just keeping them interested. My boys really like the Jamma Jango characters. The cartoons are a perfect length of time. They’re only a few minutes so I don’t feel guilty about them watching too much TV. It’s just long enough to hold their attention and learn a few words and phrases at a time. The flashcards and booklet are really nice quality and I use them to practice words after the video. I’ve already played the bingo game with them also. It’s a good way to keep my energetic boys busy for a little while!"



"I love Jamma Jango. I bought this kit for my 6 year old because Spanish is not offered in our elementary school. Since preschool
and elementary are the best ages for kids to pick up a second language I didn’t want to wait until middle school. A friend recommended Jamma Jango to me and it’s super cute. It’s easy and not intimidating. My son liked the cartoons and loved the games. I love how the flash cards and games reinforce what he’s learning in the videos. I don’t know Spanish and these cartoons made it simple for me to follow along. I'll be ordering another for my niece and I'm gonna try out the Chinese version too."



"I recently introduced Jamma Jango to my 5 year old and she really enjoyed the whole lesson! The video lesson is short and sweet but really good about talking in English and Spanish. We watched a short video, did vocab, went through some short discussion questions, did an activity book, a bingo game and a sticker board. It engaged her interest really well and she loves the cartoons!"



"Jamma Jango is an entertaining language learning tool. It’s cute for the little guys. My four and six year olds liked watching the DVD and playing the bingo game. The cards and game are good quality material-wise. If you are looking for your kids to pick up vocabulary words and perhaps stir an interest in another language, this is a good entry point."


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