Jamma Jango

Jamma Jango Launches Children's Language Program

Introducing Jamma Jango
A Better Way to Learn a New Language

Jamma Jango, a Kids’ Foreign Language Education Program, offers language boxes in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese on www.jammajango.com

Dallas, TX: Jamma Jango, a Kids’ Foreign Language Education Program, is delighted to announce the launch of their kids’ foreign language education program. Jamma Jango offers educational products, such as cartoon videos, learning resources, and fun activities to teach a second language (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese) to children , ages 0 to 7 years old..

Jamma Jango’s educational cartoons are spoken in both English and the second language; to help parents easily understand the cartoon’s content and involve them in their child’s language education. “When my first daughter was born, it was important to me that she learn Mandarin Chinese so she could communicate with her grandparents.” says Julia Wang, Founder of Jamma Jango and Mother of Two.

“Most language education videos are produced entirely in the subject language, so my kid wasn’t thrilled about watching them. In addition, I had a hard time translating what she learned. So, I created fun cartoons and activities to get my child excited about learning a second language.” said Julia.
Julia developed a language education program that provides a better way to teach kids a second language―a learning approach that is both entertaining and effective. Jamma Jango introduces cartoons that kids look forward to viewing and parents can understand.

Jamma Jango launched sales for Language Box 1: Introductory Kit in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Each language box will include:

• Theme-based cartoon videos
• Vocabulary cards
• Fun activities and games to reinforce the child’s learnings

About Jamma Jango: Jamma Jango is a Kids’ Foreign Language Education Program based in Dallas, TX (www.jammajango.com). They offer educational resources for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, young children, and parents to learn a second language in a fun and easy way. Jamma Jango is designed to engage both the parent and child to enjoy the program together.


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