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4 Reasons To Choose Mandarin As A Second Language For Your Child

4 Reasons To Choose Mandarin As A Second Language For Your Child

你好! Nǐ hǎo!

Before you know it, your child could be able to read the words above with full understanding — and that’s just the beginning of their journey with Mandarin for kids. Here at Jamma Jango, we see first-hand just how beneficial it can be for a child to use language-learning games and language programs for kids in order to expand their world.

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss four reasons to choose Mandarin as the second language for your child. Unsure about how to approach Mandarin for kids? Jamma Jango is here for you. Browse our language-learning programs today to get started with Chinese flashcards, games to learn Chinese, Chinese language videos, and more!

Learning another language increases empathy and cultural responsiveness.

When your child embarks on a language-learning program, they truly consider someone else’s perspective by learning another culture’s language. This ability to consider someone else’s perspective, however, translates over to them being more empathetic toward others. This also increases cross-cultural understanding and awareness. Language and culture are incredibly intertwined, so when one understands a language, they also begin to better understand the culture. Then, even if they don’t speak a third or fourth or fifth language, they’re also more likely to be empathetic and understanding toward other cultures.


Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world.

According to Ethnologue, there are almost 1.2 billion native speakers of Chinese; about a billion of these speakers speak Mandarin. By helping your child with Mandarin for kids, they’ll be able to communicate with a vast number of people — about 1 in 6 people, in fact. If there are any languages for kids out there that should absolutely be learned, then it should be a language that a large percentage of people speak. This will allow your child plenty of ways to practice and use their new language outside of their Chinese homeschool or language-learning program.

Learning another language challenges the brain in positive ways.

Studies show that bilingual people are actually better at tasks that require multi-tasking or attention focusing than monolinguals are. Even better, you don’t have to wait until your child is an adult or even in high school to see these benefits.

Additionally, students who have studied foreign languages tend to perform better in core subjects such as English and mathematics. And it’s no surprise they perform better in English — learning another language will improve kids’ abilities in their native language.

Chinese is increasingly needed (& wanted) in our globalized economy.

We know you’re not looking for Chinese flashcards in order to line your child up for a career in business with China — but that wouldn’t be a bad side effect. In our global economy and culture, speaking Mandarin will open up business, travel, culture, and career opportunities to your little one. They may just be playing language-learning games in your living room now, but those games to learn Mandarin could truly open the world to them.

Jamma Jango: Mandarin For Kids

These are just four benefits to choosing Mandarin to be your child’s second language — but the list doesn’t stop here. Order Mandarin for kids language-learning programs today from Jamma Jango to see how you, your child, and your family could benefit!

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