Jamma Jango

"Playa" means "Beach" in Spanish...

Jamma Jango at the beach

A trip to Miami would not be complete without a visit to the beach.  My daughter (aka Rockstar) loves the beach and couldn't wait to play in the sand and ocean water.  She especially enjoys collecting seashells and digging for sand crabs with Hubz.  

The best part is that I get to take another opportunity to practice Rockstar's Spanish. Woo hoo!  I love to sneak in little teaching moments whenever I can.  (haha...things that make moms happy)  

Jamma Jango's first episode is at the beach, so Rockstar has learned common beach terms in both Spanish and Chinese.

Me: "Rockstar, we're going to the beach today!"
Rockstar: "Yay!!  Will Daddy take me swimming in the ocean?"
Me: "Yes, but first you have to tell me how to say "beach" in Spanish."
Rockstar: "Playa."
Me: "Awesome! Excelente!"

Jamma Jango beach episode Spanish


Another one of my favorite things about going to the beach in Miami is visiting Lighthouse Cafe in Bill Baggs State Park.  Hubz is very close to the wonderful family who owns this restaurant and it's where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner.  If you have not been there, you absolutely must go.  The food is delicioso!  

Jamma Jango eats lobster

That's a picture of the spiny lobster we devoured for lunch after a fun day at the beach.

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