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“Animales” means “Animals” in Spanish...

“Animales” means “Animals” in Spanish...
Jamma Jango Flamingo Gardens

On the last day of our Spring Break trip, Hubz and I took the kids to Flamingo Gardens, it’s a Botanical Garden/Wildlife Sanctuary in Fort Lauderdale. 

We like to come here because we get to view and feed lots of unique animals we don’t normally see at home.  Flamingos eat feed right out of your hands.  Peacocks roam around the grounds showboating their feathers, which is really fun to see. 

Rockstar loves animals.  So it was important for me to create an episode on Jamma Jango that teaches kids how to say different animal names in another language.  I'm so excited for you to see this episode when it's ready to launch!

Jamma Jango speaks spanish

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